Having agreed that the UK can partially convert the Drax coal fired power station to biomass the EU now has concerns regarding the business viability of such a project. The biomass generator would require wood pellets. The UK government estimate that in order to achieve the projected electricity output nearly 2.5 million tonnes of wood pellets would be required. These would be sourced for the most part from the U.S.A. and South America.

This looks on paper the ideal solution to the need for renewable energy sources, something our industry is passionate about, but hold on we are talking the E.U. At the end of the day the question posed by the EU is whether the UK is adhering to the EU regulations on biomass converters.

So while encouraging member states to act in a ‘Green’ way they have concerns.

1.The amount of wood pellets the Drax station would require would according to Brussels distraught competition in the biomass market.

2. They are also concerned that while abiding to the EU’s environmental concerns the plant may stifle competition from other ‘Green’ providers, that the profits of these companies also using biomass fuels will suffer because of a UK power plant?

Our industry has the only solution to clean and sustainable electric capacity that is accepted by all sides and yet the EU seems more concerned with competition and profits. At the end of the day the question posed by the EU is whether the UK is adhearing to the EU requlations on biomass converters.

Question: Is the EU really green or on closer inspection just a muddy blue?


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