The UK is the largest importer of tropical wood products in the EU. By far the main products that it imports are doors, swanwood and plywood. As a result of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union it has been said by some industry analysts have suggested that the current slowing of tropical imports into the EU is a response to sterling shifts and economic uncertainty. Although Britain has voted to leave the UK government has not yet started the formal process, hence the nervousness of the markets.
Trade figures for the first five months of 2016, not including Brexit, has shown a leveling off of the value of tropical timber imports into the EU. The next set of figures, which will include post Brexit, will show, it has been suggested, a continuing fall because of market uncertainty.
However, analysis of the quoted figures for the early months 2016 before the vote to leave shows imports of tropical timber products into the UK were already slowing as too were those of France, Germany. Imports into the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Spain in contrast were continuing to rise.
As ever a mixed bag for importers.


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