ARTICLE 1. The following Terms and Conditions apply to all goods supplied by French Forest Floors hereby referred to as the company and to any business or individual hereby referred to as the customer.

2. These Terms and Conditions shall take precedence and override any conditions of purchase placed upon the company by the customer.

3. Goods supplied by the company to the customer are sold under contract incorporating these Terms and Conditions of sale and are interpreted within English Law and will apply equally to customers with overseas trading addresses and or shipping destinations.

4. By entering into a sales agreement with the company the customer freely and without duress accepts these Terms and Conditions as part of the contract of sale.


5. It is accepted and verified that timber and or goods leaving the premises of the company are in good condition and are supplied fit for purpose.

6. The company shall reserve the right to request that the customer pay part or all of the cost of goods prior to delivery and should the customer refuse then the company shall be within its rights not to supply the customer.

7. Should the company be forced to employ solicitors bailiffs or other agencies to recover monies owed to it by the customer then the costs incurred by the company shall be paid by the customer in addition to any costs awarded to the company by the court.

8. Ownership of goods shall not pass in title to the customer until payment of all sums owing to the company have been paid in full and the company reserves the right to recover and repossess the goods should payment not be forthcoming.

9. Should the company be unable to supply in part or in full the specified goods to the customer then the company reserves the right to cancel the order or in consultation and with the full agreement with the customer supply an alternative product.

10. The company is not responsible in whole or in part for any damage caused to the goods by the customer or any third party or parties acting for or on behalf of the customer this to include transportation storing and fitting.

11. While endeavoring to supply the customer with goods on a specified date the company shall not be held responsible or liable should that date not be met and no claim shall be brought against the company as a result.

12. The company will not accept the return of goods supplied to the customer unless permission has been given by the company in writing to the customer it shall be the customers responsibility to return goods to the company at their own expense unless agreed in writing by the company to the customer the company does not accept the return of part loads.

13. Should the company be prevented from supplying goods to the customer as a result of matters beyond its control and or as the result of third party action working for or employed by the customer then the company accepts no liability and as such no claim shall be brought against the company.

14. It is the customers or third party or parties working for or on behalf of the customers responsibility to check and sign on receipt of goods that the said goods supplied correctly and are received in good condition incases where goods are not checked and signed for no claim whatsoever can be made against the company.

15. Once an order has left the premises of French Forest Floors the company is not liable for any damage caused by transportation liability for any damage is the customers or the customers appointed transporter.

16. The company is not held any responsible for any damage caused to the timber in transit from our premises to the clients address.


17. It is the customers responsibility to store the goods in such a way as to maintain the given and accepted moisture levels and to follow the accepted guidelines governing the storage of such goods prior to fitting it is stated that all instructions given by and of behalf of the company are guidelines only.

18. The company makes every effort to insure that the goods supplied are within the accepted moisture levels and to this end the company will supply documentation to the customer the customer on receipt of the goods check the moisture content of the goods using a calibrated moisture meter and should the moisture levels fall outside the accepted guidelines then the customer must inform the company by telephone and in writing and the company will provide guidelines.

19. The company supplies natural products which may have slight variations of colour, texture and markings and while every effort is made to ensure that each order is consistent variations may occur when placing an order with the company the customer fully accepts that the company is not liable for any inconsistencies.