Oak has long been established as the classic choice for floors, its durability, warmth in both look and touch, combined with a sublime grain will enhance any living or work space. Not only is an oak floor practical, it is a feature of any room, bringing the sophistication of nature indoors. As we like to phrase it ‘from the forest to you’. Buildings with a ‘heart of oak’ are special places, always contemporary yet exuding traditional comfort.

Our wide plank hardwood flooring is fashioned from fine French oak, harvested during the winter months from sustainable forests, air dried in the traditional way for two years, double kiln dried to reduce moisture content and then finally planed & machined. The result is a full grained ‘Artisan’ floorboard that celebrates the beauty of oak.

‘Forest’ Solid Oak Planking 2-3m Long. 22mm Thick

Size Price Sale Price
140mm £58 per m² £48 per m²
160mm £58 per m² £49 per m²
180mm £59 per m² £49 per m²
200mm £60 per m² £50 per m²
220mm £61 per m² £51 per m²
240mm £65 per m² £53 per m²
260mm £66 per m² £56 per m²
280mm £71 per m² £60 per m²

‘Forest Rough Sawn’ Solid Oak Planking 22 mm thick

Size Price Sale Price
220mm £62 per m² £50 per m²

‘Forest’ Solid Oak Decking 22 mm thick

Size Price Sale Price
220mm £62 per m² £50 per m²

Other Items

Item Price Sale Price
Oak Skirting £20 per linear metre £13 per linear metre
‘Forest’ Firm Base Underlay £11 per m² £10 per m²
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