Our walnut bonded floorboards are made from 14 layers (15mm) of grade 1 European birch plywood with a 7mm walnut face which is then hot glued and pressed for superior strength. The resulting floorboard offers the look and beauty of solid wood combined with the rigidity associated with an engineered construction. For centuries walnut has been the wood of choice for master craftsmen. Its density and veining make it a truly opulent wood, unsurpassed by any other timber.

Timeless in style and elegance, it is in our opinion a ‘Status’ wood. A walnut bonded floor will bring a luxuriance to any dwelling, be it traditional or architect designed. Our range of bonded floorboards have been crafted to resist the fluctuations in temperature caused by modern central and underfloor heating, giving you a stable and level floor for years to come.

Size Price Sale Price
140mm £100 per m² £80 per m²
160mm £100 per m² £80 per m²
180mm £100 per m² £80 per m²

Other Items

Item Price Sale Price
‘Forest’ Firm Base Underlay £10 per m² £9 per m²
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