At French Forest Floors, we take pride in our natural and environmentally friendly production process. The business itself was founded out of an aspiration to be able to provide beautiful wooden flooring at affordable prices, and of the best quality, to anyone and everyone that wants it. This is why it is so important that our products are of the highest possible standard, so we can consistently provide homeowners with their perfect flooring solution, with an easy and enjoyable journey from choosing the right materials to the final installation.

We offer a variety of different woods, each one with an individual and effective aesthetic look and feel, therefore all adding a unique new element to your home. If you would like to see some examples of these types of wood in a home environment, take a look at our Gallery and Transformations page.

Our Range of Beautiful Wood Flooring

‘Forest’ Colombia Douglas Fir

This is the latest addition to our range at French Forest Floors. Douglas fir is part of the evergreen conifer species, and originally came from North America. We only use wood from the trunk of the fir, which gives us strong and well lasting material that is a highly popular wooden flooring option. The paleness of the wood and the subtle mixes of colour can effectively lighten up a room, adding the appearance of extra space, and the Columbia range is exclusive to French Forest Floors. Read more & pricing >>

‘Forest’ Solid Oak Planking

All of our wood is sourced from the best possible European forests, and our solid oak is no exception. Brought to you from the beautiful French countryside, this Loire oak wood is a classic choice for wooden flooring. The light colours make for a pleasing finished look, whilst the wood itself has a perfect mix of pliability and strength which allows our workers to create the perfect floor for your home. Read more & pricing >>

‘Forest’ Engineered Oak Floorboards

Oak is another top quality choice for a new wooden flooring – it has a light and adaptable colour which makes it a very versatile material, and is a highly effective addition to any household. Oak is another extremely popular choice for wooden floors. This ‘Forest’ Engineered Oak Floorboard is made from 14 layers (15mm) of grade 1 European birch plywood with a 7mm full grained oak face which is then hot glued and pressed for superior strength. Read more & pricing >>

‘Forest’ Engineered Walnut Floorboards

Walnut is frequently chosen by craftsmen due to the strength and density of the wood. It is also chosen by homeowners because of the rich colours and overall appearance – the deep brown of walnut adds class and elegance to a room, and is often thought of as a luxurious choice. These walnut bonded floorboards are made from 14 layers (15mm) of grade 1 European birch plywood with a 7mm walnut face which is then hot glued and pressed for superior strength. Read more & pricing >>

‘Forest’ White Ash

This is an extremely popular choice for wooden flooring due to the strength and durability of the wood from ash trees – with a higher density than oak, these solid white planks are a great choice for a busy household in need of a hard-wearing floor. The colour also adds to the reputation of the wood – the lightness adds the feel of space to even the smallest of rooms, and is perfectly suited to homes with limited natural light. An elegant yet tough choice for your new wooden flooring. Read more & pricing >>

Rough Sawn Wood Floorboards

A rustic band saw cut unplanned floorboard. The unique striated finish brings the warmth and style of rural France to any room. Machined on three sides for ease of fitting, the top gives a gentle undulated lay that produces a traditional aesthetic look. Read more & pricing >>