With news of China’s continuing economic slowdown and the price of a barrel of Brent crude falling again you may be under the misconception that ‘business’ as a whole is lapsing in to a slump, but as we have mentioned many times before the media tends to focus on high profile industries and while ours is a global business it doesn’t seem ‘sexy’ enough to warrant enough column inches. However, we know better and we like to report on the success that our industry enjoys.

To that end we are pleased to report that the German furniture industry had a solid 2015 and are very much looking forward to trading in 2016. While there is and probably always be a threat from far eastern imports the German furniture association the VDM is confident that growth will be driven by domestic consumption. Indeed they are confident enough to predict solid growth figures for this year.

We are not just talking about cutting edge chairs and tables but kitchen and office furniture and also upholstered furniture. Every private and business space requires furniture and that equates to a massive domestic and global market. Export sales of German furniture have been excellent too selling not only in the EU and Europe but also to North America and China. Imports into Germany have also increased but crucially are not offering a thret Greman manufactured product which points to an insatiable German appetite for furniture.

Now as a business opportunity tell me that isn’t ‘sexy?’


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