It is easier to view the whole picture if we break it down into manageable portions.

Ash. High end timber for domestic and export remains good whereas lower quality product bound for Asia is suffering due to shipping freight costs creating price drops and as a result a drop in profits.

Oak. There continues to be and probably will always be a strong market for this leviathan product. There are always buyers so life, where it is unfair to say is easy, is easier for oak producers and suppliers than other timbers. Standing timber on the other hand while not performing as well is at worst stable in price, and the market is not showing undue signs of concern.

Beech. Here is the real loser. On the export side, as with Ash, shipping freight costs have caused prices to drop, but the double wammy is aggressive competition from Russia whose export costs are lower. France is finding its traditional markets in Asia for this product difficult to access. When it comes to logs there is no real interest in Europe for Beech at the moment. Warehouses of this product are well stocked at the moment.


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