As the Chinese economy slows it is surprising that so many timber exporting nations are looking to the Asian giant to help boost sales. In a past report we pointed out that Chinese wharfs are stacked with imported timber waiting to be used. So, this is weeks industry focus piece either shines the spotlight on Finland’s timber sector acting too little too late and in a falling market or shows it as forward thinking and intuitive.

The story so far: Two Finish companies have launched a joint initiative in conjunction with what is described as ‘local experts’ from China in a bid to find and create markets and contracts. The Finish ministry has made available funding for this project. The amount of capital for this venture will continue to rise per year until 2017.

The focus of this export drive is China’s furniture industry which is looking to use environmentally sourced timber, which Finland can supply in bulk. Finland’s aim is to show case its sustainable and traceable timber and as a result hopes to increase its exports to China by a quarter in the short term resulting in a doubling of sales figures over the next few years. All this under the banner of ‘Wood from Finland.’


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