Particular woods, like most things, go through cycles of being ‘The’ thing to have or ‘So’ last year’s trend. At the end of the day it comes down to design choice coupled with practicality and these days of course sustainability.

Bearing in mind the increasing traceability and availability of tropical hardwoods, it is not surprising that rising imports have once again put this wood in the consciousness of architects and designers. Where once this product was an ecological ‘no,no’, it is fast becoming a ‘Hipster’ choice. It is a group of versatile and beautiful woods that merit a serious look at.

Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Spain have all seen considerable rises in tropical sawnwood imports. Certification seems to be a key factor providing both importers and consumers with product confidence. The only trend buckers are the UK and Italy, where imports have fallen slightly.

Brazil and West Africa currently provide the majority of the imports, even into countries where demand has fallen.


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