With the coming vote on whether the UK should remain in or leave Europe, it is no surprise that the industry group Confor has decided to poll its members for their opinions, but not just on the question of EU membership. Confer would like to know if its members feel that the government are providing enough information on the consequences of either staying or leaving, in order for them to make an informed choice based on fact.

The results of the in or out question would give Confer an indication of the outcome of the referendum as a whole, and they would be able to start looking at the implications for the UK forestry and wood product sector if the country voted the same way. However, all that would be based on an opinion poll ‘prediction.’

It is well to bear in mind that opinion polls before a vote, take the last election, can be spectacularly wrong! Surely it would be better, for its members and the industry, if Confer looked at how none EU countries trade with Europe?

The only certainty in all this is that the UK needs to plant more trees irrespective of the outcome of the referendum.


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