Viewed as a whole, actual construction projects and permits to build throughout the EU continues to improve. Some countries have seen spurts of growth while others experience steady if not spectacular improvement. So for the majority that is good news.

The only country not showing any form of improvement is Italy where the housing and construction market remains in a poorly state. You could argue the point that it is slipping into negative growth. The Netherlands by contrast are in the midst of a construction boom. The UK can be categorised, like the remaining EU countries as steady if unspectacular improvement.

The source that provides us with the insight to the health of the construction sector come from a survey of Architects spread over the main 8 EU countries. The question that was put to them was what current and up and coming jobs they have on their books. Further analyses of the figures point to continuing growth into 2016 and in some cases into 2017.

Confidence for the future within the industry remains high.


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