These final results of profitability and demand for our industry provide interesting reading and give the most accurate indicator of the state of the all the wood related sectors which make up the market in which we work.
In simple terms, are we healthy or sickly as we move further into 2016?

Global Sawlogs
With demand in Europe and Asia falling, combining with the strengthening US dollar, the price of Sawlogs has fallen to such an extent that they are at their lowest since 2009.

Global Pulpwood
With the exception of the south of US and New Zealand, prices for hardwood and softwood fibre are in decline, with the biggest falls felt in Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Chile, France and Russia.

Global Pulp
Good news. Prices rose in 2015 compared to 2014. Exports from the Netherlands, Brazil, Russia and Canada. Production, apart from in Western Europe, also rose.

Global Lumber
The 20 largest softwood lumber consuming countries imported more product in 2015 than in 2014. This is significant as it was the highest level of importation by these countries for a decade. While a number of European countries increased their imports, this was slightly offset by a fall in demand from the Middle East, Japan and the northern African countries. Russia, still the main supplier of lumber to China, saw a decrease in demand from the Asian giant.

Global Biomass
Mixed fortunes. While Sweden once more maintained a steady production, its demand for imported pellets fell. While the US exported more, in fact to a record high.


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