Happy New Year to you all, and now all the celebrations are most definitely over we’ve been thinking about our future here at French Forest Floors. We consider ourselves to be extremely fortunate that we managed to survive what has been called the worst global recession since World War II, but who knows what 2014 will hold.

In order to help us figure out how our new year might pan out, we’ve been looking at research into past trends in the UK floor coverings market, conducted by AMA Research.

The research found that the total UK floor coverings sector was estimated to be somewhere in the region of £1.7billion in 2012, with the wood flooring sector accounting for 16% of the total. This is a marginal rise on the previous year for the wood flooring sector, from £281million to £284million but still far lower than the peak of £385million in 2007. Although the peak would have been before the recession really took hold and people would not have had the disposable income for things like new flooring.

One of the other significant findings of the research, which bodes well for French Forest Floors, is that there has been a shift in focus from cut-price laminated wood floors to the higher-end products. This means that in recent years solid wood flooring has significantly outperformed laminates in the UK, returning to growth in 2012 which allows us to look positively on our future.

Finally, the market is forecast to experience around 1-2% annual sales growth between 2013 and 2016 where the value is expected to reach approximately £305million. This forecast is predicted due to the impending introduction of government incentives to stimulate home buying and the creation of new housing.

Based on the findings of this research, here at French Forest Floors we are hopeful that if we are able to keep working hard, and keep sourcing the best French wood for our floors, 2014 should be successful for us.
We wish you all a happy, healthy and successful remainder of 2014!


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